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Dan Grading - May 2016

Congratulations to the following members who gained Black belt promotion at the 22nd May National Dan grading


1st Dan

Tamara Latham

Calvin Thomas

Daisy Brookes

Anthony McCaffery

Monsieur Alam

Richard Lansbury

Adam Garnett

Stephanie Steward

Leslie Goldman


2nd Dan

Ellie Morgan

Natasha Paris-Matthews


3rd Dan

James Langley


4th Dan

Kirsty Normington


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Instructional DVD



The SKU has produced a collection of 3 Kata DVDs which are an ideal reference and training aid.

Sensei Stan Knighton 9th Dan demonstrates Katas from front and rear angles at both slow and normal speeds.

There is also a bunkai application section for every Kata.

Volume 1 covers beginner to intermediate training and volumes 2 and 3 cover intermediate to advanced training.


Volume 1:  Shihozuki : Pinan Nidan : Pinan Shodan : Pinan Sandan : Pinan Yondan : Pinan Godan : Empi Waza : Sanchin : Tensho
Volume 2:  Annanko : Jurokono : Jiin : Niseishi : Bassai Sho : Matsukaze : Tomari No Bassai
Volume 3:  Bassai Dai : Kururunfa : Seipai : Kosokun Shiho : Suparimpei : Seienchin


The DVD's are available to order online, to order please click on the appropriate link below :

To order within the UK & Ireland - CLICK HERE

If you are outside the UK & Ireland - CLICK HERE

SKU paid up members go to the members area to order.