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November 2014 Dan Grade Results

Congratulations to the following members who gained belt promotion at the 30th November SKU National Dan Grading. The Dan grading panel consisted of Sensei Knighton 9th Dan, Sensei Murphy 6th Dan and Sensei Tan 6th Dan.

Jack Tomlinson
James Edge
Christopher Thompson
Grace Clark-Coates
Emelia Drinkwater
Christian Marriott
Oliver Pollock
Robert Jackson
Morgan Hughes
Robbie Eaton
Darryl Rees
Alex Green
Robert Hemsley

Bethany Goodwin
Jamie Kerridge
Neha Kasaravalli
Francesca Li
Giselee Ayoub
Natalie Elkin
Amder Sawford

Mollie Bailes
James Street

Kathryn King

Renewal Individual Licence

Application for a Individual Licence Renewal

(note : This licence application is for students who train with an official Shukokai Karate Union affiliated club)


To apply for an online instant licence you will need a credit / debit card (or via paypal if you have a paypal account) and a valid email address.If you do not have a valid email address, a credit / debit card or Paypal account you will not be able to use this online application and will have to use the postal system by downloading and printing a paper licence application form from this link or ask your instructor for one.

To Start the process complete the form below and click on the "Buy Now" button.
Individual Licence Renewal £31.60 inc postage


Full Name
Date of Birth


Licence Number
Expiry Date


Instructor and Club