Sensei Shigeru Kimura 10th Dan
Sensei Stan Knighton 10th Dan
Shukokai (pronounced Shu-Ko-Kai) is a style of Karate that was introduced to England in 1968 by the Japanese instructor Sensei Shigeru Kimura.  
In 1969 the Shukokai Karate Union (SKU) was formed as the original Shukokai Karate organisation for England. Sensei Kimura passed away in 1995 and Sensei Stan Knighton continues to develop the SKU

We have a history of Karate excellence second to none and many champions of national and international level have been trained in our clubs.
Our clubs run beginners courses for new members wanting to learn this exciting art/sport. All SKU instructors are part of an ongoing instructor training programme and are DBS checked.
The SKU has a full events programme of FREE specialised courses where club members can train together with members from other clubs under the supervision of SKU chief instructor Sensei Stan Knighton 10th Dan.
Such is the depth of SKU high ranking senior sensei’s that the minimum grade of instructors on these courses is 6th Dan.
Sensei Damien Mc Laughlin
8th Dan
Sensei Mo Ilyas
8th Dan
Sensei John Scott
7th Dan
Sensei Dave Bowler
8th Dan
Sensei Craig Murphy
7th Dan
Sensei Julian Tan
7th Dan
Sensei Pam Freeman
6th Dan