Decide whether you are competinig in either Kata (forms) or Kumite (fighting) or both                                                                                         

Then look below for your age range and belt level to see what you can enter


You can enter via your club instructor with payment.  Individual events £15 and team events £20  Spectators are FREE




All coaching must be completed before entry onto the area

Kata Rules

1 Red to Orange belt competitors can repeat Katas in all rounds. All other competitors and teams must perform a different Kata in every round excepting tie-breaks  Events with less than 8 competitors/teams will be straight to final round  8 or more competitors/teams will have preliminary rounds down to final round


2 Competitors can choose any Kata’s from the list below according to their belt levels


3 Teams must be made up of members from the same club  No mixed club teams


Red to Purple Belts:  Shihozuki - Pinan Nidan - Pinan Shodan - Pinan Sandan - Pinan Yondan - Pinan Godan - Sanchin - Tensho - Annanku - Jurokono


Brown and Black Belts: Annanku - Jurokono - Jiin - Niseishi - Bassai Sho - Matsukaze - Tomari No Bassai - Bassai Dai - Kururunfa - Seipai - Kosokun Shiho - Suparimpa - Seienchin


Fighting Rules

1 Children under 10 years must supply and wear their own head and body protection  For children 10 years upwards head and body protection is optional


2 Mouth Guards and hand protectors must be worn by all competitors : Shin and foot protectors are optional


3 It is advisable that males should also provide their own groin guard and females should provide their own chest guard


4 All fighting events will be “First to 6 points” or highest number of points at time with a fight duration of 1:5 minutes for children and 2 minutes for Adults  If a draw  “First to score wins fight off”


5 Fighting team events to be decided by: Number of fight wins  if a draw  Number of points scored  If a draw “First to score wins fight off”


6 Fighting Team Rotation to be 4 minute bouts with unlimited points scoring  Winner decided by:  Total number of points  If a draw  “First to score wins fight off”


7 Teams must be made up of members from the same club  No mixed club teams

To print a paper copy of the event categories  click here

Individual Kata Events

Pairs Kata Events

Competitors within the pairs Kata may be mixed grade and ages BUT you must enter into the higher age/belt category
Individual Kumite (fighting) Events
Kumite (Fighting) Teams
1 1/2 minute bouts - 2 fighters (Compulsory)
Kumite Team Rotation 4 minute bouts - 2 fighters (Compulsory)